Author Topic: What is my residential status if I hold Saudi visa and studying in India?  (Read 24 times)


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My Son Varun has done major part of his schooling in UAE and Saudi Arabia, except for grades 5 & 6 which he studied in India.

He has studied Intermediate from Telangana state board in Hyderabad and currently preparing for his JEE and SAT along with BITSAT. Varun still holds a valid Saudi Residence Visa.

My query is , what would be the fee structure for him, will he be considered as an NRI or a local candidate even with a good score in the entrance exams ?

My another query is, will he get admission into the branch of his liking in with the SAT score ?
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Your son can be treated as an Indian candidate for both JEE and SAT 2.

In order to get admission by appearing for the SAT II test, you should study your 11th and 12th grade abroad. As you studied your 11th and 12th grade in India, you won't be eligible for DASA scheme. So, you lost your chances of getting B.Tech admission in India.

As you did your schooling in Saudi and UAE until 10th, you will be considered as an Indian student. But you can appear for the JEE. So apply to JEE Mains.