SAT 2 College Board Official Papers Test Series + Video Solutions
SAT 2 College Board Official Papers Test Series + Video Solutions
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Includes: SAT 2 Hard Copy Test Series (2520 Questions) + Video Solutions (90 Hrs.)
Covering: Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics (L2)
Test Booklets: 38 Booklets (PCM)
Doubt Removal Recordings: 90 Hrs. (Approx.)
Delivery: Hard Copy - 2 Working Days
Delivery: Online Solutions - 3 Hours
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Product Code: TPKCB88

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SAT 2 Test Package is a collection of original College Board sample papers available in both Soft Copy (Online Version) and in Hard Copy. In both cases detailed video solutions are included for better understanding of the questions.

This package includes 38 Test Booklets for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics by College Board for SAT Subject Test. Video Solutions is of approx 90 hours.

On purchase, a student account will be created and Test Booklets along with Video Solutions will be uploaded in the students account. In case of Hard Copy - Account will be created instantly and Test Booklets will be dispatched through courier and will also be uploaded in the student account.


SAT 2 Test Series

Product Description:

SAT 2 Test Series includes hard copy of 38 booklets all together for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

Test Series Booklets:

Maths - 14 Tests (700 Questions)
Physics - 12 Tests (800 Questions)
Chemistry - 12 Tests (1020 Questions)
Doubt Removal Recordings - 90 Hrs. (Approx.)

View Topics Covered at the end of description.

Video Solutions Details:

Here is the complete video solution series of official SAT Sample Papers for SAT Subject Test.

Papers – Paper 1 to Paper 12
Each Question Paper – 75 Questions
Video Solutions Duration – 30 Hrs. Approx

Papers – Paper 1 to Paper 12
Each Question Paper – 85 Questions
Video Solutions Duration – 24 Hrs.

Papers – Paper 1 to Paper 14
Each Question Paper – 50 Questions
Video Solutions Duration – 36 Hrs.

All questions are discussed with detailed steps and tricks to solve all your questions in time.

Here is a short sample of video solutions for Mathematics by Dr. R Goel from IIT – Kanpur.

Syllabus of Online Tests


Topics No. Of Questions
Atomic Structure and Electron Properties 50
Elements and Periodic Table 60
Chemical Bonding 44
Energy and Thermodynamics 50
States of matter, Gases, Solutions 40
Stiochiometry 53
Reactions & Solids, Liquids and gases 104
Period table and Kinetics 96
Organic Chemistry 75
Acids and Bases 49
Kinetics and Equilibrium 35
Redox and Electrochemistry 38
Nuclear Chemistry 40
Laboratory 40


Topics No. Of Questions
One Dimensional Kinematics 50
Forces in Two Dimensions 30
Momentum and Collision 72
Newtons Laws and Motion 60
Vectors and Projectiles 75
Work and Energy 45
Circular Motion and Gravitation 40
Static Electricity 43
Electric Circuits 72
Waves 37
Sounds and Music 75
Interference 28
Reflections and Mirrors 42
Refraction of Lenses 46
Dynamics 57
SHM 30

Math Level 2:

Number and Operations - 1
Number and Operations - 2
Algebra and Functions - 1
Algebra and Functions - 2
Algebra and Functions - 3
Geometry and Measurements - 1
Geometry and Measurements - 2
Geometry and Measurements - 3
Data Analysis, Stat. And Probability

For Math level 2, All the questions are of mixed type form all topics mentioned above.

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